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Blue Flag II

Blue flagBack in October we wrote about the great Costa Rican conservation project known as the Blue Flag program. This highly successful program is jointly run by the Costa Rica Water Institute and the Costa Rica Tourist Institute (ICT). Every year dozens of local citizen committees (110 in 2015 to be exact) are formed and members agree to adopt a local beach to care for during the year. The participating beach is inspected 3 times during the year and is rated on progress towards improvement in several different aspects: a) Ocean and potable water quality b) Waste collection and treatment c) Environmental education  d) Security and signage. If the beach qualifies then Blue Flags are given at different levels from1 star to a maximum 5 stars.

Local volunteersRecently the committee responsible for Manuel Antonio’s first beach (Playa primera), also known as Espadilla Norte, received the wonderful news that it had received the Blue Flag once again for its efforts during 2016. We sincerely thank all the committee members, for their hard work organizing activities last year. The new flag is already on display at the roundabout of Manuel Antonio.

Blue flag flying at the beachThis year the committee is already moving forward on its work plan, starting off with a campaign to keep our beach beautiful during Semana Santa (Holy Week), when our beaches are visited by thousands of local and foreign tourists. Local volunteers including Scouts, will be walking the beach to collect trash, supported by donations from area businesses which will provide snacks and supplies. A special recognition to our Municipality, especially Sr. Warren Umana for providing additional trash barrels and trucks to handle the trash during the Easter holiday.

TCA logoIf you wish to help out the Blue Flag Committee of Espadilla Norte, please contact Committee Coordinator Sr. Verny Jimenez at his cell 8890-4034. The Titi Conservation Alliance is proud to support the Blue Flag programs at many local schools and member businesses in our area.

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