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One of the main reasons that many people are apprehensive or flatly opposed to trying a hemp-derived product—such as a CBD sublingual oil—is because they are worried that it will get them “high”, and for one reason or another this is an effect they do not desire. Most of the time their reluctance is based on fear of the unknown or fear from antiquated misinformation.

Americans, along with citizens of other countries that take their lead from the U.S., can pin-the-tail on the “ass” by the name of Henry Anslinger, the first commissioner of the U.S Federal Bureau of Narcotics who served in this position under six presidential administrations beginning in the 30’s. His string of lies regarding cannabis resulted in misinformation that has lingered in the minds of Americans for decades. Anslinger used racial prejudice as his number one platform, along with his own professional ambitions, to make cannabis a newly-discovered threat to (white) America. In the world according to Anslinger, and with no substantiated evidence, cannabis was a deadly, addictive drug. He enthusiastically instilled baseless fear into the minds of the American public by demonizing the plant and in 1938 released Reefer Madness, a ludicrous propaganda film. His ignorance was so profound that that he never made a distinction between the ancient, multi-use, utilitarian, industrial hemp and the recreational marijuana. It was all lumped together as one evil plant.

Differences between hemp and marijuana

Through decades of fictitious narratives, the one fact remains—that NO ONE has ever died from a marijuana overdose. But people love to hate this plant and continue to wage a war on an incredibly friendly, misconstrued, green neighbor of our planet. Cannabis has now finally been differentiated into either hemp or marijuana, has triumphantly emerged from the dungeons of shame and has proven to possess more benefit to humankind and our planet than anyone can ever imagine.

Nevertheless, it remains a challenge for those of us in the freshly, re-emerged hemp industry to get people to comprehend the major differences between Hemp—the serious, hard-working, innocent bystander—and its fun-loving cousin with its blemished reputation—Marijuana—who has now turned academic. Since both plants are scientifically classified as species of Cannabis—Cannabis sativa, C. indica or hybrids of the two—they inevitably possess numerous genetic similarities as well.

HelloHemp! is here to offer CR some of the best hemp-derived products from the U.S. market, and more importantly, to help heighten the appreciation, increase public knowledge and remove the stigma surrounding cannabis through the sharing of current news, information and research.

Donna is a Horticulturist and Hemp advocate. She transplanted her business HelloHemp! to Quepos, which offers top-quality, full-lab tested CBD products.
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