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Are you protecting your energy?

A Healthier You headerYour energy is your most precious resource.

If you aren’t actively protecting your energy, you may feel drained or depleted after being around other people.

You may even resonate with being an empath…

  • You can become overwhelmed in intimate relationships.
  • You have a calming effect on other people.
  • You have a hard time not caring because you feel the suffering of others so deeply.
  • You can sense large emotional shifts that are happening on a global level.
  • You have a very clear sense of another person’s emotional state & energy even without ever having spoken to the person at all.
  • Big crowds can sap your energy or feel very overwhelming.
  • You’ve been called sensitive for most of your life.
  • You need to ‘recharge’ after gatherings.

Sound like you?
Here are 7 ways to protect your energy so that you no longer feel drained and heavy, but rather powerful and magnetic!

1. Protect Your Energy *Before* You Begin Your Day.

Visualize warm glowing light surrounding you, and thank your Higher Power or the Universe for helping you to protect your energy today.

2. Release Energy At The End Of Your Day.

Visualize a long golden cord running from your Root Chakra to the core of the earth. Ask your Higher Power or the Universe to help you release any energy from others, and visualize it draining down to the core of the earth where it can be transmuted into positive energy.

3. Energy Shield

Visualize a golden egg or cloak that is made of pure light surrounding you. This shield protects you from any negative or heavy energy, while it still allows for positive energy to come and go.

4. Observe, Don’t Absorb.

Practice Detachment. This is how you ‘turn it off.’ Stop absorbing all the energy like a sponge. What makes the energy absorb into you is that you sympathize with others, thus you think that you need to “fix” them somehow.

The need to “fix” others is one of the things that creates the energy tunnel between you two, you take their burden into you, and subconsciously you try to heal it.

But when you develop the attitude that everyone is fine, when they go through an issue it’s a learning curve for them, then you don’t feel the need to fix them anymore –– you help them when they’re ready.

5. Joyful Movement

Moving your physical body has a DRAMATIC effect on your energy field. It helps you to drop out of your busy mind and into your body. It circulates your OWN energy within your body.

It helps you to feel clear, energized, and radiant! It helps you stay strong and resilient to the many intrusive energies on the planet.

It can help you to feel LESS sensitive to other people’s energy and vibrations when you can feel your own energy flowing.

6. Express Your Needs Without Guilt.

No need to over explain yourself or your need for boundaries – it’s your right to set them! Boundaries are a necessity for Empaths to survive and be healthy in mind, body, and spirit.

7. Seek High-level Support.

Do not waste precious time trying to figure it all out on your own. You know you have blind spots, in fact, one of your gifts is you can see them for other people.

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