Memoirs of a MasseurTodd Pequeen

An Ember for Tomorrow

Has anyone recently reminded you that life is supposed to be lived passionately and led by the heart? Too much practical thinking and uninspired months then years will make even the best of us sink into the depths of depression, thoughtless routine, and boredom. I was reminded of this by the entire world’s new friend Mr. Covid. No need to rehash what happened in 2020 but that year has come and gone and now it is time to change, to become excited again. Finances is not what I am talking about this month, obviously some of us will continue to live a bit more frugally during these changing realities. With more time on our hands, we must invest in ourselves and walk our own mind through the maze of our past. Fear, resentment, and anger are all emotions that will age us and tear us up internally on more than just a mental level. What in your past keeps you from your future? Is there anything you can start doing today that will lead to more happiness tomorrow? Life needs a purpose and today’s can be as simple as reaffirming old beliefs, picking up a new book, or forcing oneself to do twenty minutes of yoga, four sets of pushups, or anything new. No need to change the world, just ourselves. Lord knows the questions we ask ourselves today are the ones which will become our foundation tomorrow.

When was the last time you felt fully alive? What contributed to that and what do you have to do to experience that more regularly? My past is filled with many travels from around the world. Living out of a back pack and seeing new cultures for the first time excites me beyond almost anything I have experienced. I have had to shift my focus to domestic Costa Rica and simply explore this incredible country. Planes will fly again but for now I must focus on what is literally a day’s drive away. My wife and I have become experts on making four days of meals that can be contained into the three different size coolers that we own. Meeting more of the Costa Rica population and seeing mountain towns and places we have never visited before has been electric, not to mention much more hassle free than flying abroad. I’ve been a beach boy for so long I have forgotten what a joy the mountains are. I spent 3 years in Telluride, CO in my twenty’s and the memories of cool nights and majestic views come flooding back. Shifting that focus of who I am and what I normally do is rewarding. In a very direct way, the force of Covid has smacked us beside the head and reminded us that impermanence is the only game of life and letting go is solely the way to remain happy and enjoy freedom. The world itself in today’s reality is changing and will eventually cease to exist, we too must be willing to lose yesterday’s self.

Now that I have been massaging again, after my longest lay off in twenty years, albeit to a fraction of what I am accustomed to in terms of volume, the humility I have for my career and the genuine love of humans that I have has sky rocketed. I am extremely grateful for every minute I spend, particularly with new patients on the massage table that have had the courage to visit Manuel Antonio. It is sacred time that I spend working on my clients and the entire process seems different to me somehow. I never thought, pre-Covid, that what I would miss the most is the physical, mental, and social interaction I feel while I work. I’m the luckiest man in the world to be a body worker and to lead people into different physical and mental states simply through touch, rhythm, energy, and pressure. I hope all of you readers of the Quepolandia take a few minutes to just let things go. Let what is be, and try to not get caught up in the news, predictions, and opinions of everyone spinning within our circles. How much control do we actually have in such matters other than how we personally react and how we choose to live today, and tomorrow? There is currently a collective depression and re-alignment of energy in the world and nobody knows what the answers are for you and your loved ones. Have the courage to simply better yourself and to reach out to those that you miss, love, and will eventually reunite with. We are all in this together.

Massage Todd is a 20-year local and spends his free time enjoying the bounties of Manuel Antonio. He can be reached at 8830-7727, [email protected], or check out his website at He is always available for lively conversation and sunset watching.