A Quick Pause for PAWSSandy Franz

A Quick Pause for PAWS – Nov 2011

PAWS - Pets of Aguirre Animal Welfare Shelter

By Sandy Franz

PAWS Clinic on September 25  castrated 28 more animals in Quepos. So, to add to the calculations of the Animal & Home Society, we have eliminated potentially 5,880,000 more cats and 644,000 more dogs.  Another small step for “animal kind”. Thank you to the volunteers and Dr. Martinez and Dr. Cordoba for making this difference for our community.

PAWS ACQUIRES NEW STATUS  In the U. S. , Pets of Aguirre Welfare Shelter (PAWS) is now listed as a Public Charity and has the status of 501(c) 3. This will now allow donations to be tax deductible and will open doors to many possibilities for tax exempt items and grants.

The PAWS Mobile Unit is ready for business, and will be travelling to the first mobile clinic in November.The exact date and location will be announced early in the month, so keep your eye out for our advertisements about the castration clinic.

Changing of the Guards At the last board of directors meeting, new officers were elected and they are:

  • President-Jan Blackwell
  • Vice President-Sandy Franz
  • Secretary-Holly Myers
  • Treasurer-Louise Zobrist
  • Vocal-Pat Cheek
  • Fiscal-Valerie Phillips

Volunteers needed for animal foster care, please call Sandy Franz, 2779-1412, 8376-0632.

Visit the PAWS tent at the feria each Saturday to see puppies, kittens, & adult animals ready for adoption.

For more information, call 2777-1113, 2777-1489, and see  the PAWS animals ready for adoption published here on Face Book.