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A Photographic Guide To Birds of Costa Rica

By Gary Garrett

Birds of Costa Ricacover Of course the purpose of this guide is to help serious and lay birdwatchers identify and learn the characteristics of bird species most commonly found in the diverse regions of Costa Rica. 252 of the most commonly found birds in Costa Rica are chronicled in this handy, comprehensive, 140 page guide that can easily be carried with you as you explore the fascinating world of our flying friends. Although this represents less than a third of actual species that can be found here, these are the ones you are most likely to observe in your birdwatching travels.

Many guides contain illustrations or drawings of the birds. The difference here is that actual detailed close-up photographs are included for each species to make identification much easier. Then a detailed written description describing the key identifying features is included for each species along with the region or habitat where it would most likely be found. Included in the guide is a comprehensive description and map of the best birdwatching areas in Costa Rica, describing the topography, type of forests, and weather characteristics of each.

The challenge when birdwatching is the sometimes fleeting moments you have to actually see and identify the bird. The guide has distinctive thumbnail tabs outlining each family group to enable quick identification. The easy to use format, size , and detailed photographs and descriptions make this guide our choice for all aspiring birdwatchers.

Jaime Peligro Books Music and Adventure stocks many books and guides on Costa Rica’s plant and animal life. From handy, foldable laminated guides to detailed books, we carry a variety of resources to assist your exploration of Costa Rica and it’s rich heritage of biological diversity. To purchase this handy birding guide in English or Espanol or schedule one of the many eco-tours available in the Central Pacific region, visit us in Quepos Centro next to Century 21 or call 2777-7106.

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