Tey ArceTiti Conservation Alliance

A must for 2011

By Tey Arce

Last Nov 19, more than 120 persons toasted for the titis while enjoying an incredible evening at Gaia Hotel & Reserve. Beyond a local sustainability investment, it was a special gathering for professional and personal networking between like-minded, community-oriented businesses and individuals. Everyone was invited, and even guests staying in various local hotels had a great community bonding time. May Manuel Antonio continue hosting more events like this one. Thanks to Titi Conservation Alliance for going beyond a cocktail party and reminding us that we are part of the solution, and that is possible to contribute for a good cause that will last in the destination that we all love.

A part of the proceeds will be use for purchasing 2011 school supplies for young students in the affected communities of Parrita and Londres. Affected families won´t need to cover for these extra but essential expenses. By ensuring those kids will attend school next year, TCA seeks to maintain a level of education and preparation of the youth.

Luckily, Manuel Antonio/ Quepos is surrounded by people who care, and a new year full of positive perspectives is approaching. We invite you to be a part of it. Join TCA or any local organization that ensures a responsible work towards local sustainability. And don´t forget, if you didn´t toast this year, add it to the list of 2011 musts. You won´t regret it and above all you´ll have a great time!

For more information on Titi Conservation Alliance, please visit our website at www.monotiti.org, or contact us at [email protected] at any time.

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