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5 Ways to Manage Overwhelm

A Healthier You headerHave you been feeling the effects of overwhelm as the world continues to shift?

5 Ways to Manage Overwhelm

  1. Understand the roots of your overwhelming emotions.
  2. Explore ways to self-soothe.
  3. Focus on the desire instead of the stress.
  4. Recharge with your own source of love.
  5. Address recurring stressors that contribute to overwhelm.

Our emotions only hold as much power as we give them.

What if we stopped dreading overwhelm so much, and instead welcomed it in?

It’s not so scary when we know how to sit with it, release it, and move through it.

Group doing yoga outdoorsThis is what we will be sharing at →

May 27-31, 2021
Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
Hosted by Manda and Meleah Manning of Sisters That Stray.
A retreat for the highly creative, secretly sensitive, and wildly ambitious who are ready to create their lives out of PLEASURE rather than pressure!

Group doing yoga outdoorsYou will leave this transformational experience with:

  • Clarity on how to create a life in alignment with your desires, instead of stress and pressure.
  • Practices for managing your energy so that you no longer feel emotional overwhelm, mental fog, and heaviness.
  • Methods to release disempowering patterns and the nagging self-doubts that keep you playing small.
  • Practices to better manage your relationships and reclaim your boundaries.

For pricing and details, visit Sistersthatstray.com.

If you’d like to join our online sisterhood, visit Sistersthatstray.com. and click Membership.

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