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5 Great Things About Being A Surfer In Costa Rica

Surf CR logoWhy do so many surfers make the journey to Costa Rica? These are the top reasons why over 200,000 come to this tropical country each year. 

1. It is uncrowded.

Some beach breaks, like to the south and north of Manuel Antonio are completely empty for kilometers. The popular surf spots may have 5 to 10 surfers on each peak, compared to the hundreds of surfers in the lineup in San Diego, or Santa Cruz, or South Florida (when it does break). And premier spots like Bali and Hawaii are overrun with surfers.

2. The water is tropical year-round.

You never have to put on a wetsuit. Just throw on some baggies or a bikini and some sunscreen and you are set. This gives you maximum flexibility when paddling out and blasting turns off the top. 

3. The local surfers are friendly.

Because the breaks are not that crowded, when you paddle out you often get a smile or a “Pura Vida” greeting from those already out. On the most crowded breaks like Pavones or Playa Negra there may be some aggressiveness, but if you respect the locals you will always get to catch your share of waves. 

4. There is excellent surf year-round.

You can always find some place breaking at least head high, and most often there are swells pushing in waves well overhead. For the beginners there are dozens of protected coves and bays that offer smaller waves and long rides. From December to March the Caribbean side has consistent swells, and from April to November the Pacific Coast lights up. 

5. The food options post surf are delicious.

After a dawn patrol where you have burned hundreds of calories, nothing beats gallo pinto con huevos, chorizo, y pan with a hot cafe con leche. Plus, there are fresh mangos, pineapple, and papaya growing year-round to make that perfect refreshing smoothie. 

I’m sure I could come up with many more reasons why being a surfer in Costa Rica is so awesome. However, I will let the reader find those out for themselves the next time they paddle out here. To get the best travel help advise, check out and sign up to get our free Costa Rica surf travel guide.