Tey ArceTiti Conservation Alliance

2012 Annual Fundraiser at Gaia Hotel & Reserve

Titi Thank youBy Tey Arce

Titi Conservation Alliance would like to thank all those who came and support the 2012 Annual Fundraiser at Gaia Hotel & Reserve. Thanks to all of you, the evening’s proceeds reached $4,000, exceeding the initial goal that the Alliance had set for the environmental education program. Beyond having such a great audience, we are happy to recognize that it was definitely a successful night with delicious gourmet appetizers and great people. The live music with Pura Bossa, Gaia´s musicians and the last-minute Argentinean friends from Drake Bay, filled the air with vibrant sweet and playful tunes that positively surprised us all. And for the first time, we must say that the organization pushed everyone towards deforestation…by the end of the night, the donation tree had no more donation leaves left!

Titi Conservation Alliance

We are full of sincere appreciation to all the locals and residents who year by year come to support and toast with us. Rest-assured we will do our best to continue developing long-term impact projects in our destination. And last but not least, 100% of the proceeds will be invested in the environmental education program, by the end of this year, three more schools will be receiving this empowering education. As we´ve said before, we want our kids to become conservation ambassadors and responsible entrepreneurs for a better destination and future.

Special thanks to these providers: Gaia Hotel & Reserve, Café Milagro, Hotel Si Como No, Hotel Parador, The Falls Resort, Hotel Mariposa, Portasol, Colegio Los Delfines, Byblos Resort, Grupo Pampa, Belca, Industrias Martec, Coca Cola Femsa, Vinum Aura S.A., Pacific Wine EQV, Panadería La Panera, Mini Price Store, Super Más Dos, Super Jordix, Hortalizas La Cosecha, Ferretería Vetcomer, Super Iguana, Corporación Pipasa, Midworld S.A., Le Priss Tours and Harmony Hotel at Nosara beach.