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12 Easy Decorating Tips For a Fresh New Look!

Revamping your styleBy Shelagh Duncan

Revamping your home decor does not always have to be a major project, and you don’t always have to spend a King’s ransom to do it. Here are some easy ways to give your rooms a fresh look in record time, using what you may already have, and without breaking the bank.

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Work in threes1. Work In Threes

The magic number is 3. Use odd number always, but the one that works best is three – group objects together, hang small art together and remember this tip when arranging your flowers and greenery.

2. Pile On The Pillows

Pile pillows up on sofas and sectionals for that luxurious, comfy look. You can have an eclectic mix, combine hues of the same colour – or for a lively feel use throw pillows in contrasting colours. Beach wraps, AKA sarongs, are great quick-fix decor buddies. Tie one over older pillows for fresh new look. Use them folded for table or bed runners, as a quick seat cushion cover or furniture throw, or even as drape one at a window. Experiment and have fun!

Paint3. Paint Is The Classic, Quick Make-Over (as you have read here many times before).

Just paint one wall in an accent colour; add a contrast-coloured shape(s) (rectangle, circle etc.) over a sofa; or stencil a design if you are creative. Paint the wall behind your open-back cupboards or shelves. See what a difference a little paint can make.

4. It’s Okay To Skip The Sofa – Really!

Use two pairs of chairs for your seating area, and you can tie them together with coloured pillows in the same pattern or colour. Bring some of the outdoor furniture in, mix it up – put it where you use it!

5. Give Your Room A Focal Point

If you don’t have a breathtaking ocean or mountain view for a focal point, try an interesting coffee table, wall mirror, display shelf, a coloured focal wall or dramatic window covering. The focal point is at the heart of any well designed space.

Organize with trays6. Organize With Trays

Group your smaller things together on trays for a neat pulled-together look. This can be a drinks and bar area, a tray with candles, books or picture frames, or a group of your favourite oils in a tray by the stove.

7. It’s Okay To Mix Styles, Just Keep Some Rhythm Going

When mixing styles it’s important to try to tie those things together somehow. Use fabric pattern or colour, wood stains, metal finishes, art and accessories to keep the eye flowing from one thing to the next.

New lampshades8. Replace The Lampshades/Paint The Lampshades (if they are just a little dingy try painting them first).

New white shades will instantly give a crisp and fresh feel to a room, and even just changing the shape of the lampshade will make a big difference! Coloured shades can tie your scheme together and add interest. If you feel creative, cover one with fabric and add a decorative trim.

9. Kick Out Your Traditional Coffee Table – Try Something Different

Use that storage trunk from the bottom of your bed, push a couple of ottomans together, use a ceramic planter with a glass top or, if your coffee table is getting past its prime – paint the top!

add plants10. Add A Plant To A Lonely Corner Or Empty Wall To Add Texture To A Room

This can be a real or an artificial plant (especially useful if you rent your home, or for you part-timers), and to add an extra pop, put a small can-lamp shining up behind it for an evening treat.

11. Change Up The Draperies

Ready-to-hang panels are available locally, so add new ones to the main living area and try switching around window coverings and bedding in other rooms where possible – builders often use the same size windows in all the bedrooms.
Once again, beach wraps are great for a quick colour fix. If you use one as a bed runner, tie up co-ordinating ones as curtain panels or as a draped valance above a window.

open up with a mirror12. Open Up Your Space With A Framed Mirror.

Mirrors can brighten up a dark hall, corner or passageway by reflecting the light in this area. Mirrors will also visually expand any space, so you room will immediately seem larger and brighter. Tip: check what you will see in the reflection before you drill the hole!

These are some simple tips that hopefully will help you through the rainy weeks ahead. Have fun, and try something different. Send me photos of what you did. I would love to see your before-and-afters!

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