Kids Saving the Rainforest

KSTR December 2021

KSTR LogoDaniHi Everyone, it’s Dani, your spokeskid for KSTR!

Happy Holidays!

The holiday period is a busy time here in Manuel Antonio for tourists and locals alike. So I wanted to tell you about all the interactions we do with the animals during this period.  

In my experience working with the animals in the winter, we do lots of fun and exciting activities with the animals. We decorate the outside of their cages (so the animals can experience Feliz Navidad, from a distance 🙂 ) And we give them presents!  

During Christmas time every year we make “presents” for the animals, with their food inside! Then, the animals get to “open” the presents, and eat their food and treats. We try to give them their favorite foods or snacks in these presents. For example, we give the Capuchin monkeys spiders in their boxes (because that’s their favorite snack!). The Marmosets get peanuts, and the Coatimundi love watermelon, so we give them lots of extra watermelon in their treat box! Last year, kids in Quepos decorated the presents for the animals! We made sure to use kid-safe non-toxic markers to keep the animals safe.

Photo by Co-founder, Janine Licare Photography

This is part of the process called enrichment, where we vary the experiences of the animals—it’s especially important for animals that we are planning to release after some time in the wildlife rescue center.

In addition to special treats during the holidays, throughout the year, we vary the way we feed the animals. Two weeks ago, when I was volunteering at the sanctuary, we used egg cartons to make mini-feeders for the birds and small animals. We also used the shell of coconuts (which I drank the water from!) to make “bowls” for the kinkajous, so they could eat their food out of them.

If you want to help the animals at the sanctuary, you can take a tour or volunteer your time. Reach out to Chip via email [email protected], and he can help you with the best options!

If you have it in your heart to make a donation to our 501 (c) 3 non-profit, you will get a tax-deductible receipt and you will be helping the wildlife of Costa Rica! Go to to make a difference by donating!

We all thank you and wish you a wonderful Holiday Season!

This is Buddy the sloth that we released many years ago!