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That’s Fishin’ – September/October 2016

Breaching MarlinIt’s that time of year out there. It’s wild marlin time for a fads fisherman. It’s been an incredible run so far this FAD season, with all kinds of fantastic numbers being posted by multiple boats. Fishing out of Marina Pez Vela, Los Suenos and Golfito, this year’s sport fishing season has been unbelievable, and continues to be.

I’ve been lucky enough to fish on some of the top boats in Central America. I’ve featured many in my articles. This is the perfect opportunity to showcase Maverick Yachts and Sportfishing—as they do many fads/seamount trips. Due to their stellar reputation for building boats that raise fish, and take you on a ride in style, Mavericks ‘Fly’ boats are a sure thing. All of their Captains are seasoned veterans who are very well respected in the fishing community. With these two things combined, it’s hard to consider any other boats. For example, this was posted this past week on their Facebook page:

SEAMOUNT REPORT… Another two-boat trip with Capt. David Mesen’s Geaux Fly and Capt. Carlos Pollo Espinoza Jimenez ‘s Sea Fly? The result? Collectively 49 billfish… 45 Blue Marlin and 4 Sailfish released. Both boats raised 95 Marlin, hooking 68. Absolute insane fishing. Capt. Juan Carlos Fallas Zamora ‘s Spanish Fly heads out today to add to these crazy numbers. Ready for your trip-of-a-lifetime? 866-888-6426

MarlinBetter to use their words and photos, as second hand descriptions never give justice to what really happened. It’s a fantastic thing in this day and age where you can document your entire experience on the water. And the water is completely epic right now.

The whales are here full force, you can see glow in the dark algae blooms down the coast, the inshore bite is getting better, and by my book, it’s almost time to head to get some big reef fish, I’m due for a big snapper.

There’s always something fantastic happening on the water, plenty to see and do. The Eastern Pacific is epic and beautiful—and if you ask me, it’s the best time of year to be out on the water, as you can catch almost any variance of species. Sailfish are here in small numbers, the offshore marlin bite is EPIC as you’ve already read, and I’ve had reports of sea bass, red snapper, tuna, mahi mahi. It’s definitely anybody’s day out on the water. You’re guaranteed to experience one of the most beautiful, biodiverse, dynamic places in the world. So, don’t miss it, because if you do, you’ll have truly missed out.

Black marlinAfter you’ve caught your fish, and want to eat it, please go and see Dean and Anne-Michele at Z Gastro Bar, conveniently located at Marina Pez Vela. They will make all the accommodations you need, and have a fantastic wine list. They can be found on Facebook, and everyone in town knows where it is. Just tell them Sarah sent you!

Until next time fish friends, keep your reel hand ready, and may you always have tight lines. Now get out there and FISH!!!

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