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Meet Author Ron T. Shaw

Ron T. Shaw

Ron T. Shaw

By Pat Cheek

I recently sat down with newcomer Ron Shaw and enjoyed hearing about his latest book HELLBENDER. The book is a docudrama regarding how American politics hampered U.S. Armed Forces from actually prevailing during the time of the Vietnam War. 

 Ron went on to say:  While President Lyndon Baines Johnson (after JFK was assassinated) worked on building the Socialist “Green Society” programs such as food stamps, gun control, environmental protection and civil rights, U.S. forces languished and waited for support. By the time support arrived and war was actually declared in 1965, Communists had already finished the 900 mile Ho Chi Minh Trail and it was “hell to pay” and U.S. casualties were climbing at an alarming rate toward the 58,220 number  that it would become in 1975 after the fall of Saigon. By that time, the U.S. had been indirectly involved (by sending Army Advisors) since 1945. 

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