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Giving in, not giving up



By Mark Goldstein

There’s a huge difference, right? As a yoga instructor, I can’t imagine that I would ever advise a student to give up, on the other hand, I whole heartedly encourage them to give in every once in a while.

This month we will be focusing on forward bends. In yoga, a forward bend can be seen as a pose of submission. Conversely, a pose like Warrior is seen as an aggressive posture. Both concepts are important aspects of life, but I imagine that many of us may have a harder problem with the submission aspect.

I think that I speak for many of us living here in Costa Rica as expats when I say that our expectations of how things can be done, are often met with challenges, that our usual way of going about achieving things here in Coat Rica can be a very different experience from what we have been used to most of our lives.
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